Tips, Tricks and Guides for Brawl Stars Game

Brawl Stars

Tips, Tricks and Guides for Brawl Stars Game


Brawl Stars is a mobile MOBA that sends players into 3v3 or 1v9 real-time, short-burst multiplayer matches.

Avviso: This game is only available in the Canadian App Store; we’ll update you as soon as you can play it in other countries.

Become the ultimate brawler with these handy tips and tricks!

Brawl Stars’ frantic and fun combat system makes the game easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master. Each character has different abilities, stats, and weapons that give way to endless strategy possibilities; Tuttavia, some strategies will make you a much better brawler overall, regardless of which character you like to play.

Four Types of Events in Brawl Stars

There are four Event types that can be played in Brawl Stars that are accessible from the Brawl tab: Smash & Grab, Showdown, Bounty, and Heist. Here’s the breakdown of what your goal is in each event.

  • Smash & Grab: Gather crystals found in the middle of the arena. If your team is able to hold onto a total of at least ten crystals when the countdown ends, your team wins.
  • Showdown: Rather than using the traditional 3v3 style, Showdown pits ten players against each other without any teams. Be the last Brawler standing to win the Event.
  • Bounty: Each player starts with a one-star bounty above their head. Killing another Brawler adds their bounty to your team’s score, but raises your bounty by one. Dying resets the bounty back to one star. The team with the highest score at the end of the time limit wins.
  • Heist: Teams of three must either attack or a defend a safe (you are randomly assigned to an offensive or defensive team). After three minutes, whichever team succeeds in their goal wins the Event.
  • Breaking Barriers

    This is a huge help throughout the game!

    If a barrier is broken in the beginning, it will remain broken even after a goal is scored and everyone respawns. Especially in the first map released, Backyard Bowl, where a long fence covers nearly the map’s entire width is right in front of the goal, this is essential.

    Generally you want to use a brawler like El Primo or Piper to break it, because their super doesn’t help too much elsewhere.

    If people are hiding behind a wall, then definitely use brawlers like Dynamike and Brock to break it while dealing some damage too.

    If a teammate has a ball and is going for a goal, clear any obstacles if you can.


    In order to win, you must kick or carry the ball into the enemy team’s goal twice.

    There is a time limit of 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

    If the time runs out, whoever has the most goals wins (1-0). If it is a tie (0-0, 1-1) then the game goes into overtime.

    Go after the enemy with the most crystals

    If you find yourself in a position where the enemy has initiated the victory countdown, you’ll need to kill your opponents strategically.

    Go after the brawler that has the most crystals; that way if you kill them, they will drop their spoils, and you can grab them, turning the tide of the match.

    This strategy works best if you work together and attack the same target.

    Watch the circles around enemies and teammates

    Every character in a match has a blue or red circle around their feet at all times: this simply indicates which team they are on (blue is friendly, red is the enemy).

    If you see a second blue or red circle around a character, it means their Super attack is filled and available to use.

    If they have a yellow circle around them, they have selected their Super attack and are likely about to use it. They can deselect the Super by tapping the button again, but if you see a yellow circle, assume a powerful attack is imminent.

    Keep in mind once you tap the button, you still have to attack to actually use the Super. This is true even for something like Poco’s healing ability, which requires you to shoot since it will heal any teammates you hit.

    Because this yellow circle is basically a huge highlighter that screams “Super incoming!” if you want to surprise someone with your Super, try not to hit the Super button until just before you use it. You can also hit this button early without intent to use it to intimidate another player into potentially backing off.

    What tips do you have for players to make the most out of their Brawls? Let us know in the comments! Best Regards!

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