Last Day on Earth: Survival – Tips, Tricks & Guide


Last Day on Earth: Survival – Tips, Tricks & Guide

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a MMO survival game for the iOS and Android platforms. Think of it as an actual MMO version of The Walking dead, because that’s essentially what it is. Your goal is to gather, hunt, craft, survive, and not get killed by zombies or by other players. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to survive and thrive in Last Day on Earth: Survival!

Surviving on the outside is quite complicated, so we recommend that you keep an eye out when you go outside. At first do not try to leave the base: doing it implies a direct death and believe us, very unpleasant. When we die we lose all our objects so it is better to take that precaution. Also, if you do not have weapons, if possible at a distance, do not face a zombie.


The game involves many crafting, so you might be unsure of what to craft first. Hatchet, Spear and Pickaxe will be the most basic tools you need, and they are important when you progress further. Work on crafting a Garden Bed and Raincatcher too. These will keep you fed and watered. You’d think zombies would be your biggest threat but it’s actually starvation and dehydration. Those are two of your most basic craft items. Once you have those, you can break down larger rocks and trees, and you’ll be able to collect and craft even better, more advanced items.


Your base will keep your belongings safe from invasion or light zombie attacks, so you should build it as soon as possible. Your home isn’t going to be cozy, but it is a vital way of standing a chance of surviving. Outside areas are color-coded based both on difficulty level and based on the number of, and strength of, the zombies that are there. It is recommended that you build a 3 x 3 home to start. Then, furnish your home with the basics, including a Small Box for storage, a Garden Bed for food supply, and a Campfire to improve the value of your food.


You may find it fun to blast out all the zombies with guns, but I would highly disrecommend you to do so. Found a gun? Awesome! Don’t use it. Seriously, save it for when you’re in dire need of it, like when a horde is coming at you and you’re getting swamped. Otherwise, stick with your spear or trusty baseball bat. Melee weapons are quieter than guns, meaning you won’t attract other zombies. Also, ammo is hard to come by.

You can get all kinds of weapons in this game. For zombies, generally, you want to use some equipment that is durable but cheap. Some zombies, such as the basic ones and the fast biters, can be killed very easily. However, there are some tougher zombies out there that are not so easy to kill. Save your better equipment for these ones.

That’s about it for our survival guide on Last Day on Earth. We’re sure there’s still lots of stuff to discover, so if you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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